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Project GRL

World map made of flowers featuring women from around the world See the heart behind Project GRL

Guiding her to Truth. Restoring her sense of worth. Loving her as God's daughter.

Did you know that in some parts of the globe, the three most dangerous words are, “It’s a girl”? This simple fact shapes the world around them and can even put their lives in jeopardy. The truth is:


80% of all trafficking victims are women & girls

200 million

Every day, worldwide, women and girls spend nearly 200 million hours walking for water

62 million

Worldwide, there are over 62 million girls denied education

200 million

200 million girls have been killed because of “gendercide”

Project GRL is an initiative of Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, birthed out of Joyce’s heart to see young women across the globe healed and restored, just as she has been.

In a world where girls are told they aren’t worthy of basic human rights like dignity, respect and life, we are determined to guide, restore and love them, by meeting their needs and sharing with them just how truly valued they are in Christ.

Current Project GRL Initiatives

Sharing God's Word

In a world where women do not fully understand that they are beloved daughters of the King, we’re committed to sharing the truth found in God’s Word.

Through Joyce’s teachings on TV, books and through studies like Healing the Soul of a Woman, we’re working to share just how much God truly loves each and every woman and girl, and helping them find their true identity in Christ.

Feeding Programs

In many countries, cultural traditions and poverty force parents to choose one child over another to feed. More often than not, that means that many little girls are left hungry and in danger.

That’s why Hand of Hope is committed to providing feeding programs to help care for young girls often forgotten by society. Through nearly 700 feeding sites worldwide, tens of thousands of girls are receiving the nutrition they need so badly.

Providing Education

Girls who are denied education worldwide often end up in the cycle of poverty, child brides or the victims of horrific sexual rituals. But in places like Tanzania, where girls are getting the opportunity to be educated, they now have the chance to move toward a brighter future.

We’re working to provide education for girls through Classrooms of Hope in South Africa, a residential school in India, as well as other schools in Africa. We’re also helping provide clean water, food and more to ensure girls have the freedom to attend school.

Clean Water

For many women and girls, their days are spent walking hours to gather water for their family. This journey can be as dangerous as it is time consuming, exposing them to sexual assault and human trafficking. Not to mention the opportunities they miss like attending school or the poor health that comes from dirty water.

Hand of Hope is committed to providing clean water wells in local villages where water is scarce. More than 975 fresh water wells have been drilled throughout Asia, Africa and South America. More than 600 of those wells also includes a church nearby to help share the love of Christ.

Anti Human Trafficking

There are more slaves today than at any other point in history, with more and more being trafficked across borders each day. From slave labor and forced prostitution to sex slavery and others, our goal is to fund and support initiatives that rescue, educate and restore women and girls impacted by this insidious evil.

We offer love, housing, schooling–including job skills training, and biblical counseling to help rebuild and restore their lives in 13 countries. In addition to homes in Ethiopia, Thailand and Cambodia and a center in India, we also partner with A21, Crisis Aid International and the Los Angeles Dream Center to care for those rescued.

Safe Environments

Across the world, sweet little girls are left as orphans with no one to care for them. Some rejected simply because of their gender. Whether they have ended up alone due to poverty, abandonment or death, we feel very strongly that we are to provide safe homes for these children and bring them up with Godly principles, showing them just how important they are in God’s eyes.

Hand of Hope is caring for girls in 11 children’s homes throughout Asia, for children with AIDS in Chandrakal, India and working with Watoto to care for babies in Uganda.

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